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District Construction Projects


Mansfield Water Treatment Plant Facility Expansion 

This water treatment plant is having its’ capacity increased from 6 million gallons per day (MGD) to 12MGD for treatment. This project will be ongoing into 2023 and will increase the resiliency and ability to meet the increasing water demands throughout the district.


Steiner Ranch Wastewater Treatment Plant Headworks Improvements

Headwork improvements at the wastewater treatment plant are the initial stage of the process to reduce the level of pollutants in the incoming domestic and industrial wastewater to a level that will allow the treated wastewater to be discharged as effluent water.  The Steiner Ranch Headworks are aging and in need of repair and the new headworks system will be much more efficient and increase the overall efficiency of the wastewater treatment plant in Steiner Ranch. This project is ongoing into 2022.



Villas at Lakeway Apartments

RISE Residential Construction has provided an update for the Villas at Lakeway Apartments located at 2309 RM 620 Austin, TX 78734. To find information about the onsite construction, offsite water, offsite wastewater, and Bellagio area impacts, please use following link: Villas at Lakeway Apartments . For any project questions, please contact Scott Zell at RISE Construction at 972-701-5568, and for any water or wastewater concerns contact Juan Sanchez with WCID No. 17 at (512)801-2966.

Thank you for remembering to SLOW DOWN when driving near any construction area!

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