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Rates and Fees Schedule: October 1, 2023

All Rates and Fees are subject to Board of Director changes

Download Rates and Fees PDF here

Service Fees:  Apache Shores & River Ridge

List of Rates and Fees by Name

Application Administrative Fee: $50.00

Annexation Fee:
Single Unplatted Tract of Land or Platted Lot
$400.00 first acre or lot, plus $10.00 for each additional acre
Multiple Lots and/or Multiple Tracts (Lots/tracts must be contiguous to qualify for fee)
$400.00 for 1st lot, or 1st acre, plus
Incremental acreage over one acre per lot = $10.00 per acre or fraction thereof, plus
$25.00 for each additional lot/tract

Consultation by WCID No. 17 Staff: $60.00/Hr.

Consultation – Membrane Plant Assistance: $80.00/hour plus travel expenses

Convenience Payment Fee:  Credit/Debit Cards will have a transaction fee based on the type of card being used: MasterCard – 2%, Visa & Discover – 3%.

MGO processing fees – 3% for credit/debit transactions.

***No other credit card types will be accepted.***

*ACH Transactions are offered at no cost for your convenience.

Copies: $0.10 per page for readily available documents;  for all otheMGOr copies/media charges, see of the District Service Rules and Policies for the appropriate charge.

Deposits, Meter:

Development Fees:  See Policy Manual, Section 2.3

Fines: Violation of District Policy – not to exceed $5000.00 (See separate list of fines)

Grinder Pump Fee: $5.00 per month

Hourly Charges: Office:  $35.00/Hr.   Field:  $40.00/Hr.

Impact Fees:

(D) = Displacement Meter
(T) = Turbine Meter

Impact Fee/LUE Transfer Fee:
$100.00 for first LUE
$10.00 each additional LUE

Inspection Fees, Customer Service (CSI):
Residential, $75.00 per inspection
Commercial, $85.00 per inspection

Inspection Fees, Grinder Pumps:
Residential, $250.00
Commercial, $500.00
Additional Inspection, both classes $250.00 each

Inspection Fees, Infrastructure Construction:
Fee is assessed based on total water and wastewater improvements.
1st  $500,000 2%
2nd $500,000 1.5%
Any amount over $1,000,000  1%

Inspection Fees, Plumbing:
Residential:  $75.00 each inspection; Reinspection:  $75.00 each inspection
Commercial:  $85.00 each inspection; Reinspection:  $85.00 each inspection
Irrigation, Residential:  $75.00 each inspection; Irrigation Commercial:  $85.00 each inspection
Pool, Residential:  $75.00 each inspection; Pool, Commercial:  $85.00 each inspection
Medical Gas:  $180.00 for each inspection; Reinspection: $180.00 for each inspection

Late Fee:  10% of the current unpaid balance on the monthly bill

Meter Calibrations:  $85.00 (for customer-requested calibration if the meter is within manufacturer’s specifications)


Apache Shores Monthly Rates
Applicable to Apache Shores Customers Only – these rates are charged on the monthly water bill in addition to the water charges:
* Debt Service Fee          $4.88 / month
Capacity Buy-In Fee    $8.66/ month**
* Out-of-District Fee    $40.00 / month

** First-time service will not pay this monthly fee but will pay the current water impact fee and the two other monthly fees*

River Ridge Monthly Rates
Applicable to River Ridge Customers only – these rates are charged on the monthly water bill in addition to the water charges:
* Debt Service Fee         $15.74 / month
Capacity Buy-In Fee   $14.87/ month**
* Out-of-District Fee     $40.00 / month

** First-time service will not pay this monthly fee but will pay the current water impact fee and the two other monthly fees*

Plan Review Fee:
Residential, Multifamily, and Commercial plan reviews are priced in accordance with the Service Extension Request Form (SER Form) found on the District website.
Commercial Tenant Finish-Out – $170
Plat Review – $100

Plumbing Permit Issue Fee:
Residential:  $50 per permit – valid for one (1) year
Commercial:  $100 per permit – valid for two (2) years

Irrigation Permits:  valid for three (3) months
Pool Permits:  valid for six (6) months

Plumbing Permit Extension Fees:
Residential:  $25 / Commercial:  $50

Raw / Reclaimed Water: $1.75 per 1,000 gallons, plus base fee of $20.00

Research Fee:  $40.00 an hour, $5.00 minimum

Return Payment Fee:  $25.00
After three (3) returned payments within one (1) year, the account will be placed on a cash basis for one (1) full year.

Service Connect Fee:
Re-establish / Re-connect service, meter is in-ground:   $35.00
If same-day reconnect is requested a $25.00 fee must be paid between 3 pm – 5 pm.  If paid after 5 pm, an after-hours service call rate of $90.00 will apply.
Tap exists:
5/8″ or 3/4″ meter to be installed:  $275.00
Contact the District Office for a larger meter connection

Service Call:  $30.00 (15-minute limit)
(Service calls exceeding 30 minutes will be charged $60.00/hr)
After Hours:   $90.00/hr If payment is received after 5 pm.

Datalog:              $40.00

Hydrostatic Test:  $65.00

Pull Meter, customer requested:  $35.00

Repairs:  Labor will be charged per man hour, based on the time of day service is provided, plus materials, equipment time, water loss, etc.

Equipment rates for repairs (if required):
Backhoe:                $65.00 per hour
Camera Service:   $75.00 – Test only
Camera Test and Lines pumped:    $250.00 per hour
Crane Truck:         $65.00 per hour
Dump Truck:         $65.00 per hour
Hydro Jet Truck:   $250.00 per hour
Pump Truck:         $250.00 per load
Rocksaw:              $65.00 per hour
Vacuum Truck:     $250.00 per hour

Wastewater & Water Sampling Fee:  $50.00 plus actual laboratory analysis cost

Subsequent User Fees:

Clara Van Force Main:                $9,807/LUE Wastewater  +  $8,000/LUE – Lakeway MUD fee +$100.00 LUE for Administration through Lakeway MUD

Flintrock Defined Area:               $5,390/LUE Water  and   $9,326/LUE Wastewater

Construction Line Fees:

McCormick Mtn. Service Area:   $6,760 / LUE Water (Phase I & III)

Serene Hills (Majestic Hills) Waterline Construction:    $9,300 per Water Connection

(Majestic Ridge Road, Raynham Drive, Travis Vista Drive, Serene Hills Drive)

Steiner Defined Area:                  $2,260/LUE – Water  (applies only to Lakeside lots: Phase 1, Section 6)

Travis Vista/Marshall Ford:       $9,395/LUE – Wastewater

Tap Fees (Installation of Service Line / Water Meter):
       Tap fee is split between two services unless tap will only serve one meter.
Single Service with Road cut –             $3,655.00
Single Service without Road cut –        $1,300.00

Double Service with Road cut –            $3,995.00* ($1,997.50 per side)
Double Service without Road cut –     $1,860.00* ($930.00 per side)

*Fee is split between two services.    **** Add $250.00 for TAP on 24″ main ****

Tax Rates:  (per $100.00 valuation for 2023)
District-wide, O&M Tax = 0.0533
Steiner Ranch Defined Area = 0.1781*
Flintrock Ranch Estates Defined Area = 0.2580 *

Comanche Trail Defined Area = 0.0000*

Serene Hills Defined Area = 0.5513*

  * Defined Areas must also pay the District-wide tax

District No.17 collects 8.25% sales tax on Solid Waste Service

TCEQ Regulatory Assessment Tax:  0.5 % of water and wastewater charges

Texas Department of Transportation/RR 620 Waterline Relocation Fee:  $5.00/month/account (Effective Jan.1,’18)

Trash (Solid Waste) / Recycling Service:  $22.00/ month + sales tax (both trash & recycle included)

Service contracted with Waste Connections.

Additional 96-gallon trash cart:        $7.70/month

Additional 65-gallon recycling cart:  $4.40/month

[Contact WCID No.17 for Commercial rates]

Residential Bulk Water:  $5.00 per 1,000 gallons
Commercial Bulk Water Haulers:  $250.00 per month plus meter charge and volumetric fee

Wastewater Monthly Rate:

(Base & Volume rates apply) Residential Wastewater Base rates are based on the average of the water usage for Dec, Jan & Feb. Customers with no usage history will be assigned an 8,000-gallon usage rate until a winter average has been established.

Water Conservation Credit:  $5.00 to all customers using 3,000 gallons or less per month 

Water Rates:

Each customer will be charged a Base Rate as determined by the size of the meter and a Volume Rate as determined by the actual water used.

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