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Travis County Water Control and Improvement District No. 17

Travis County District No. 17  (WCID No. 17)  includes four defined areas, Steiner Ranch, Flintrock, Comanche Trail and Serene Hills, and serves two out of District areas, Apache Shores and River Ridge. All areas pay the same water rates, but the defined areas have additional tax rates, and out of District areas pay fees in lieu of taxes and fees for revenue bonds issued for their water improvements.

Apache Shores

In December of 1997, the District purchased the Apache Shores Utility Company and took over the Certificate of Convenience and Necessity to provide service to the 570 existing customers in the Apache Shores subdivision. In April of 1998, the District made the first connection of the District surface water system to Apache Shores and by September of 1998 the system was fully connected.
The initial Apache Shores improvements were funded by a revenue bond of $2,100,000 issued by the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) in 1997. Apache Shores residents pay a monthly fee to help pay off this TWDB loan.  Apache Shores residents also pay an Out-of-District fee, part of which is used for future waterline improvements to be done as available funds build up.

The Apache Shores Subdivision is operated as a separate certificated area, and has not yet requested annexation into the District.

Comanche Trail

Comanche Trail Defined Area (CTDA) was created in 1994 with a single $1,090,000 bond issue to provide water to 645 acres of land along Comanche Trail to homeowners then using cisterns. This project was completed in 1996.  This bond has been paid off in full, and therefore, the Comanche Trail residents pay only the District wide tax.  There are no further bonds anticipated to be issued for this area.


The Flintrock Ranch Estates Defined Area (FREDA) is a 380 acre tract golf course/residential community of primarily single family estate homes. FREDA was created in May of 2000 by District wide election and is located in the southern part of the District, north of Flintrock Ranch Road and west of Ranch Road 620. The primary developer was HPK Ventures, Ltd., and the lot developer was Flintrock Ltd. (Five Star Development Co. Inc.) The golf course  is operated by Hills II of Lakeway (Club Corp. Inc.) FREDA residents have wastewater service provided by the District’s Flintrock Wastewater Treatment Plant. Treated effluent is stored in ponds and used to irrigate the golf course property.

Flintrock residents pay the District wide tax rate per hundred dollar assessed value as well as the Defined Area tax. There are currently $24,200,000 in bonds authorized for this area of which $20,055,000 have been issued to date, excluding refunding bonds.

River Ridge

The River Ridge area, initially served by a ground water system, was transferred to Water District 17 for operation and connected to surface water in 2003. Waterline improvements on Quinlan Park Road, River Bend and Lakeland Park were initially accomplished through a $1.1 million loan from the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) in 2004. River Ridge residents pay a monthly fee to repay this TWDB loan. River Ridge residents also pay an Out-of-District fee, part of which is used for future waterline improvements to be done as funds build up.

Serene Hills

The Serene Hills Defined Area (SHDA) was created in May of 2008. The area of approximately 456 acres is located on Highway 71 West (HWY 71) approximately 3.5 miles west of the intersection of RM 620 and HWY 71, the westernmost part of the area is bounded by Bee Creek Road. District 17 supplies water to the SHDA through a 12″ waterline from the Highway 71 water tank. Wastewater service is provided by the District 17 Flintrock Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Property in SHDA is being developed as single family homes, one multi-family residential development and commercial development along HWY 71. The extension of Serene Hills Drive from HWY 71 to Flintrock Road was constructed in conjunction with this project and opened in April 2011. Properties in the SHDA are taxed on an ad valorem basis to pay bonds issued to construct water, wastewater and drainage infrastructure.

Based on the total amount of the SHDA bonds which were approved by the voters in the amount of $55,000,000, for improvements at final build out, the Board of Directors adopts an Operation & Maintenance Tax for the SHDA each year to retire debt service. The tax rates for the SHDA is residents are assessed a debt, system operation, and maintenance tax . Only properties within the defined area are subject to this tax, and also pay the District-wide tax. Construction of improvements are expected to be complete in 2022.

Steiner Ranch

The Steiner Ranch Defined Area (SRDA), created in May of 1987, is the master planned community known as Steiner Ranch, which was developed by Taylor Woodrow Communities. Steiner Ranch consists of approximately 4,490 acres of land, including approximately 325 acres located within the City of Austin limited purpose jurisdiction. Steiner Ranch is located approximately 20 miles west of Austin’s central business district and bounded by Ranch Road 620 to the north, Lake Austin to the west and southeast and an 1,800 acre City of Austin endangered species preserve to the east. Approximately 1,000 acres of Steiner Ranch are considered habitat for endangered species, including the Black Capped Vireo and the Golden Cheek Warbler. The majority of this acreage is located within canyon and other natural drainage areas. The defined area ultimate build-out will contain approximately 5,000 single-family residential homes in addition to commercial development and three multi-family residential developments.

The District supplies water to the Steiner Ranch area through 24 inch water mains on Ranch Road 620 which fill two storage tanks totaling 2 million gallons. Wastewater treatment is provided by the District’s Steiner Ranch Wastewater Treatment Plant, a 1,500,000 gallon per day activated sludge facility. Treated effluent is stored in onsite ponds and used to irrigate the University of Texas golf course and landscaping along Quinlan Park Road.

The water, wastewater and drainage infrastructure are funded by bonds issued by Water District 17 which reimburse the developer for construction of the facilities. All of the $118,500,000 in authorized bonds for the SRDA have been issued, and SRDA residents pay an ad valorem tax to pay this debt along with the current District-wide tax.

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