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The District is governed by an elected Board of Directors, consisting of five Directors, who have control over the management and supervision of all affairs of the District. Directors are responsible for setting policy as well as service and tax rates. The Board approves the budget and all capital expenditures and bond issues. You may review the current Fiscal Year Operating Budget here. Elections are held in November every two years. 

District operations are overseen by the General Manager and a staff that consists of administrative and field personnel. The administrative staff handles management, permitting, and billing. The field staff maintains and constructs the District’s water and wastewater systems. Several consultants assist the District staff and Board of Directors in their duties.

The Board’s mission is to provide the District with an adequate supply of safe, potable water, and to ensure the fiscally sound, environmentally responsible development and management of water resources and wastewater facilities.

For more information on each Board Member click the member’s name below. To contact the Board, email them at Board@wcid17.org. To learn about election procedures and eligibility, visit the Elections page.




WCID No.17 First Board of Directors

  • President – Colonel E.E. Teers
  • Vice President – Arno Brill
  • Secretary – Ada Benson
  • Director (Appointed March 1959) S. Douglas Johnson
  • Director-Grace Caruthers
  • Director-(resigned March 1959) Carl Ming


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