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Late Fees and District Terminiation of Service Policy to Recommence

August 27, 2020
Re: Recommencement of Late Fees and Termination of Service for Non-Payment

Dear Customers,

In an effort to assist our account holders who have been experiencing financial hardship, Travis County WCID No. 17 (WCID 17 or District) suspended all late fees and service disconnections for non-payment beginning in April of 2020.  The District understands that many may be experiencing some hardship and for two months each arrear account has been sent mailings asking the account holder to participate in a payment plan to avoid non-payment late fees and/or termination of service.  We will additionally be reaching out via telephone this month, through September, in an effort to encourage customers in arrears to join a payment plan.

Beginning September 9, 2020, all accounts will be subject to the assessment of non-payment late fees if their bill or payment plan is not established or paid on time and in accordance with the payment plan schedule.  Following this, in October of 2020, the District will recommence its’ policy for termination of service due to non-payment for all affected accounts.

The District encourages each arrears account to make a payment plan that helps to reduce your past-due account.  Participation in a payment plan will ensure that the account is not subject to non-payment late fees or possible termination of service if the payment plan is followed. We hope that each arrears account will take this opportunity to work with their Billing Representative for a resolution that benefits both the account holder and the District before there is a termination of service.

Please contact your Billing Representative at 512-266-1111 to make a payment plan that will work best for you.  Mary Estrada (ext. 118) works with properties northeast of Mansfield Dam and River Ridge.

Thank you,
Jason F. Homan
General Manager

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