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Water Tank Maintenance

Throughout the weekend of June 19 – 22, the Water Department will be performing water quality control and maintenance at the old high school water tank.  Do not be alarmed if you see water running in the area.  

Cleaning Workplaces Post Coronavirus

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued guidance to ensure the safety of building water systems and end-use devices after a prolonged shutdown. This CDC guidance is located at the following web address: Travis County Water Control and Improvement District No. 17 (WCID 17) uses Chloramination as a residual disinfection process and  Read full post »

Normal Trash Service Begins June 1, 2020

Waste Connections will continue to pick up our trash and recycle on its regular schedule.   ONLY CONTENTS WITHIN CARTS WILL BE PICKED UP through the end of this week.  Beginning June 1st, Waste Connections will return to normal operations.

WCID No.17 – May 21st Board of Director’s Meeting Video Conference

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, WCID No.17 announces that in order to ensure compliance with US and Texas State Government recommendations concerning public gatherings, the normally scheduled May Board of Director’s meeting will be conducted through video conference and available by clicking here. The Board will continue to meet in this manner until the Governer  Read full post »


Good Day Customers Payments to accounts are being delayed due to the COVID-19 District Procedures being used by staff.  Payments will be posted to your account by using the date received. Please expect that payments are taking 10-14 business days to post to your account and then be drafted from your bank.  This is in  Read full post »


ATTENTION RESIDENTS: Travis County Water District No. 17 has been experiencing an ongoing problem with wastewater pumps in area neighborhoods clogging with ‘disposable’ wipes and rags. Please do not flush any type of rag, swiffer sheet, mophead, DUST CLOTH, BABY/SANITARY WIPEs (even wipes labeled as disposable). These items can cause serious damage to the waste  Read full post »

Save Money All Summer by Testing Automated Irrigation Systems

Now is a good time to spruce up your irrigation system after it has been dormant all winter.  As you turn on your automated systems this month, you will want to run zone tests or have your irrigation contractor do so, to check for misdirected or leaking heads which may need to be repaired, as  Read full post »

Your Water is Safe

Some members of the public have expressed concerns over the potential danger the COVID19 virus may have on the public water supply.  WCID No. 17 wants to assure all of its’ customers that there is no danger to their public water system from this disease.  Please reference this link for detailed information on how we  Read full post »

Preparation for the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

WCID 17 is taking proactive plans to assure quality water and wastewater service will continue even when the Coronavirus arrives in our area of Central Texas.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has the latest updates on the Coronavirus along with prevention tips.  You can find the latest updates and details from the  Read full post »


Please take a look at these frequent questions if you have questions regarding why your utility bill was higher this month.  The District is here to help you should you still have questions/concerns.  We do hear you.