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How to Pay Online

Do you want to lessen the amount of paper bills you receive in the mail? Signing up for e-bill and online payments is easy and convenient. See detailed instructions in English or Spanish.

Step 1: Visit and Login to the billing portal platform.

Click here to visit the payment portal.

Log in to your account to view and pay bills. Remember to do so in a timely manner.

The billing portal is powered by Starnik and looks like this:

Picture of payment portal for customers

Step 2: Locate your invoice.

After you login, view your current invoices.

Step 3: Enter your online payment.

Fill out the required billing information to pay the invoice online.

For questions regarding billing or account service please contact  (512) 266-1111 ext. 118,  ext. 122, or  email at billing@wcid17.org

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