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Winter Averaging


Residential volumetric wastewater rates are adjusted each spring by calculating the average monthly water usage in a household during the months of mid-November through mid-February each year (when outdoor watering is at a minimum).  The number of gallons is divided by 1,000 and multiplied by the current volumetric rate.  This amount plus the base rate  becomes the customer’s monthly rate for the coming year.



Average winter use = 8,000 gallons per month ÷ 1,000 = 8
8 x $2.47 / 1,000 gallons = $19.76 + $28.00 = $47.76/month

Customers with no usage history will be assigned a 8,000 gallon usage rate until a winter rate can be established.



Commercial volumetric wastewater rates are not subject to winter averaging but are based on actual water use each month.

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