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Serene Hills Landscape Requirements

Special water conservation measures have been established by development contract in the Serene Hills area. The Serene Hills Water Conservation Measures are designed to provide homeowners with a well-designed, water efficient landscape. The major provisions of this ordinance are:

  • No more than 50 percent of the front yard may be planted in turf;
  • The topsoil mix shall be not less than 25 percent organic matter; and there shall be six inches (6”) of topsoil in turn and planted areas. A soil sample must be submitted to WCID No. 17 for approval before application;
  • There must be three inches (3”) of mulch around trees, perennials and shrubs.

Additional Inspection
Builders in the Serene Hills area will have one additional inspection to ensure topsoil depth and proper turf limitation in the front yard is met. This inspection should be performed after soil application and prior to turf installation. Fee for this inspection is $50.00.

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