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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Recycled Water

Recycled water (sometimes known as reclaimed water) is approved for nearly all uses. Careful monitoring ensures that the District’s recycled water meets all state recycled water quality standards.

SteinerPlant-recycled water Recycled water is also far less expensive than potable water. Recycled water is also safe for all human contact (except drinking directly). For more than 50 years, recycled water has been safely used throughout the country in recreational lakes, sprinkler systems for homes and businesses, food crop irrigation and manufacturing processes.

Since recycled water is used for non-drinking uses, a separate set of distribution pipelines has been built to deliver recycled water from the Steiner Ranch Wastewater Recycling Plant to irrigation users such as the University of Texas Golf Club and the Steiner Ranch Homeowner’s Association. The approximate amount of potable water saved is 400-800 thousand gallons per day.

FlintrockGolf-recycled water Recycled water from the District’s Flintrock Wastewater Treatment plant is used to irrigate the Flintrock Falls Golf Course. It is estimated to save the area from 200-500 thousand gallons of potable water per day.