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Fire Hydrant Meters

Water meters shall be installed on fire hydrants for construction water on a temporary basis only or for hauling bulk water.

Submit a completed Temporary Fire Hydrant / Bulk Water Service Agreement for a fire hydrant meter at WCID No. 17 office, 3812 Eck Lane, Austin, TX 78734.  You will need the fire hydrant location and tag number to complete the service agreement.

There will be a connection fee, meter deposit and new service fee based on a three-inch meter.

Once the District staff approves the service agreement, hydrant location, and all fees are paid, a backflow test device and the temporary meter will be installed by staff.  Any violation noted by District staff of items listed within the service agreement may lead to termination of water service and a fine up to $2,000.

There will be a fee to move the meter to a new/different location.

Water rates are based according to the meter size plus the commercial volume rate.

Bulk water hauling being done by water delivery services will be charged $250.00 per month, plus water volume charges.

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