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Fire Flow Testing

Lake Travis Fire Rescue, ESD 6, is no longer doing fire flow tests.  Anyone needing a fire flow test must now deal directly with a licensed fire flow tester, at their own expense, to have the test performed.  After the test is conducted, the tester will need to provide the test results to the WCID No. 17 office and ESD 6 office.

Travis County WCID No. 17 ESD 6 – Lake Travis Fire Rescue
Attn:  Fire Flow Results Attn:  Fire Flow Results
3812 Eck Lane, Austin, TX  78734   PO Box 340196, Austin, TX  78734
512-266-1111 512-266-2533





The licensed testers listed below have notified WCID No. 17 that they are willing to perform fire flow tests within our area.

Capitol Hydrant 512-966-0263  or  512-826-1261
Professionals of Texas 512-272-9488
Safe Equip 512-835-7697


WCID No. 17 does not provide nor imply that water for fire protection is available everywhere in the District’s existing water distribution system.  All hydrants or flush valves are installed to facilitate operation and maintenance of the water distribution system and may only be used for firefighting purposes by authorized fire departments, or for domestic use by authorized bulk water users.  WCID No. 17 reserves the right to remove any hydrant or flush valve, due to improper use or detriment to the system, at any time without notice.

To add your company to the list of commercial qualified testers, please contact:

Al Dufek
Compliance Supervisor

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