Irrigation Inspection

Section 49.238 of the Texas Water Code establishes and requires the efficient use of water in irrigation.  In compliance with this law, Water District 17 adopted a Landscape Irrigation Policy to promote water conservation and insure proper design and installation of irrigation systems.  The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) requires a licensed technician to be on-site during installation, and irrigation permit posted and a set of system plans on-site.

Irrigation permits are required for 1) when new irrigation system is installed; 2) adding a new zone; 3) cutting into the main line for repair or new installation; and/or 4) upgrading from double check valve to RPZ.

*Permit and Inspection fees for irrigation systems vary based on the meter size required and the number of zones in the system.

Additional fees may apply if plans require multiple reviews and corrections.

Any reinspection fees will be billed to the Irrigation Contractor.  Subsequent reviews are subject to additional review fees and must be paid before review is completed.

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