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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Plumbing Permits FAQ

Plumbing FAQ

Why Plumbing Permits?

Travis County WCID 17 (District 17) is responsible by law to the state regulatory agency, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), for protecting the drinking water supply from contamination or pollution that could result from improper plumbing practices. All plumbing within the boundaries of District 17 must be installed in accordance with the Uniform Plumbing Code, 2015 Edition, or within the City of Lakeway, the 2015 International Residential Code, with District amendments.

Obtain plumbing permits at the District offices at 3812 Eck Lane.

Who may apply for a permit?

The following people may apply for plumbing permits:

  • Homeowners/Business owner/Property owner
  • Certified Pool or Irrigation Specialists
  • Licensed Master Plumber

If a permit is obtained under a master plumbers license, that master plumber must supervise the work and will be held responsible for the quality of the work.

When is a plumbing permit required?

Permits are required prior to the start of construction from the following types of projects:

  1. Building a new home for yourself or prospective buyer.
  2. Building a commercial business or building.
  3. Installing a new yardline to an existing house, trailer, prefabricated house or structure formerly using a well or cistern.
  4. Installation or replacement of water heaters or water softeners.
  5. Installing a sprinkler/irrigation system.
  6. Installing a swimming pool / gas spa / or auto-fill equipment.
  7. Adding on a bathroom, kitchen or room(s) requiring additional plumbing.
  8. Remodeling an existing house, room(s), or commercial building, if it necessitates changing the existing plumbing.

Persons plumbing without a permit or illegally connecting to the water system may be subject to fines.

How long is a permit valid?

Permits for residential homes are valid for a period of one (1) year; irrigation permits are valid for three (3) months; and pool permits are valid for six (6) months.  Commercial permits are valid for a period of two (2) years.

If the permit expires before the work is completed, a permit may be extended for an additional fee.  After two (2) years for a residential permit, or three (3) years for a commercial permit, that expires without the work being completed, any unused inspection fees will be forfeited and the permitting process must start over.

Who may do the work?

A homestead permit may be issued to a person who is not licensed to perform plumbing work provided the residence is the person’s homestead and principal residence.  For commercial work, a master plumber is required.  If a homestead permit is issued and the homeowner performing the work fails multiple inspections, the District may require the homeowner to hire a competent plumbing contractor to complete the work.

What is a red tag?

A red tag is an indication of a failed inspection or improper plumbing practices discovered by District personnel. The problem must be corrected within 10 days and reinspected. All further plumbing work must be stopped on the project until the inspection is passed.

Red tags may be issued by your plumbing inspector or by the District. Failure to correct red tagged plumbing could result in termination of water service.

A green tag indicates that the inspection was passed by the inspector.

When can new service be hooked up?

If a tap is already done, service can be established within one to three (1-3) days. If a tap is required, it may take two to four (2-4) weeks to get service.  If a tap with a road cut is required, it can take four to six (4-6) weeks because permits must first be obtained by the District from Travis County for the road cut.

If a meter has already been set and you are transferring service, new service can usually be transferred within 24 hours.