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Good news! Now builders, plumbers and any customer who needs a permit in the WCID No. 17 service area has the ability to apply for permits and conduct other business at their fingertips! With the introduction of the MGO Connect portal to WCID No. 17 customers, anyone who requires a permit will do so online. Getting started is easy.

Click HERE for access.

Reasons to use the MGO portal:

  • Jurisdictions around us are already using My Government Online so customers are probably familiar with the website/app.
  • Track applications, pay fees, print receipts, print permits and request inspections more quickly in real time
  • Receive program reminders and notifications
  • Customer satisfaction with the intuitive, modern user interface


• Why the change to using MGO Connect?

There are many benefits to using the online portal including

  • Having the ability to apply for permits online and see status of those applications in real time rather than visiting or calling the WCID No. 17 office during business hours.
  • Users will receive program reminders and notifications
  • Many area builders are already familiar with the website as other jurisdictions are already using it.
  • Users can apply for permits, pay online, request inspections, submit files, download inspection reports and approved plans, check status of permit,
  • Ability to view all projects simultaneously in system


• Why is there a need for permits and why is WCID No. 17 involved?

Travis County WCID No. 17 is responsible by law to the state regulatory agency, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), for protecting the drinking water supply from contamination or pollution that could result from improper plumbing practices. All plumbing within the boundaries of WCID No. 17 must be installed in accordance with the Uniform Plumbing Code, 2021 Edition with District amendments.  . Plumbing permits may now be obtained via the My Government Online portal: www.mgoconnect.org/cp?JID=435

• Who needs a permit?

While most often needed by builders and plumbers, homeowners may also need to apply for a permit if they are doing any of the following:

  • installing a sprinkler/irrigation system
  • installing a swimming pool or gas spa
  • adding on a bathroom or kitchen
  • remodeling a house that will affect current plumbing


• How long is a permit valid?

Permits for residential homes are valid for a period of one year, irrigation permits and water heaters are valid for three months and pool permits are valid for six months. Commercial permits are valid for a period of two years. If the permit expires before the work is complete, a permit may be extended for an additional fee. A permit should be extended prior to expiration.


• Who may do the work?

A homestead permit may be issued to a person who is not licensed to perform plumbing work provided the residence is the person’s homestead and principal residence. For commercial work, a master plumber is required. If a homestead permit is issued and the homeowner performing the work fails multiple inspections, the District may require the homeowner to hire a competent plumbing contractor to complete the work.


• What are the payment options for permits and inspection fees?

Now with MGO Connect, you can make your payment online at www.mgoconnect.org/cp?JID=435 with Visa, MasterCard or Discover.  All Credit/Debit transactions will be assessed a fee based on the type of credit card being used: MasterCard – 2%, Visa & Discover – 3%, American Express will not be accepted.  *ACH Transactions are offered at no cost for convenience. Or pay in person with check or money order at WCID No. 17, 3812 Eck Lane, Austin, TX 78734. Our office is open Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., except holidays.


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