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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Meter Requirements

At least one meter is required for each residential, commercial, or industrial building unless the General Manager determines that a different configuration is more efficient for operation and maintenance.  If the District staff detects a possible violation of this policy, the General Manager will communicate verbally and in writing to the suspected violating party and/or parties, and require pre-payment for the setting of additional water meters for the Dwelling requiring the same.  Noncompliance shall constitute basis for service disconnection from the District’s System, with all associated charges to be borne by the Customer.

A Recreational Vehicle Park will be considered to be a single commercial facility.  Each Mobile Home shall be considered to be a single residential Dwelling if not located within a park.

A Mobile Home Park or RV Park will be allowed to serve more than one Mobile Home through a master meter, provided the meter is properly sized to provide service to all units and there is compliance with all applicable cross connection and backflow prevention regulations.  Apartment buildings and other multi-unit residential structures will be required to be served with a minimum of one meter per building.  The size of the meter will be determined by using the standard fixture unit count and system sizing formula in the currently adopted Uniform Plumbing Code.

Multifamily developments with multiple buildings will be required to install one meter per building and separate irrigation meters.  When a commercial development has buildings with multiple uses, (i.e. condominiums over restaurants) each business will be separately metered, and a residential section of each building must have at least one meter.

For single family Dwellings, the District will allow for a smaller meter to be installed than what is determined to be the appropriate size per the Uniform Plumbing Code, provided the owner designates in writing the understanding that the installed meter does not meet the Uniform Plumbing Code requirements and release the District from responsibility.  A “Yard Line” form will be required for this purpose.  The minimum meter sizes allowed per the fixture unit count are as follows:


Fixture Units

Meter Size



Wastewater LUE

Yard Line

30 or less 5/8”



per code
31-70 full 3/4″



per code
71-130 1″



min. 1.5″


All commercial meters will be sized and installed in accordance with the Uniform Plumbing Code currently adopted by the District Board of Directors.

NOTE:  Any residence installing irrigation will be REQUIRED to install a 3/4″ meter minimum.