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When is a plumbing permit required?

Permits are required prior to the start of construction from the following types of projects:

  1. Building a new home for yourself or prospective buyer.
  2. Building a commercial business or building.
  3. Installing a new yardline to an existing house, trailer, prefabricated house or structure formerly using a well or cistern.
  4. Installation or replacement of water heaters or water softeners.
  5. Installing a sprinkler/irrigation system.
  6. Installing a swimming pool, gas spa or auto-fill equipment.
  7. Adding on a bathroom, kitchen or room(s) requiring additional plumbing.
  8. Remodeling an existing house, room(s), or commercial building, if it necessitates changing the existing plumbing.

Persons plumbing without a permit or illegally connecting to the water system may be subject to fines.

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