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My Water Advisor 2.0

System Data Availability – Consumption information is made available to water utility and user through a communication network that continually monitors consumption through the water meter.

Estimation Purposes Only – Keep in mind the information displayed in My Water Advisor is for estimation purposes only. It is to advise the utility customer of current consumption which may not reflect any potential delays in the transmission of usage information.

Accurate Billing – The user consumption information shared through My Water Advisor is NOT the same data used to generate the water bill. The information used for billing purposes comes directly from the water meter at the time of generating month-end billing. The hourly information that consumers can access during the month are for informational and general budgeting purposes.

TAKEWAY NOTE: Because of system data availability, your consumption data is for estimation purposes only. However, accurate billing data is still retained.

User Guide:
Under Water Consumption, you can choose Monthly, Daily, or Hourly.
Hourly consumption focuses on showing consumption for 24 hours starting at 12 a.m. for the selected day.

*Please note if irrigation is set for 6:05 a.m. and runs for two hours, My Water Advisor would display the usage in the 7 a.m. data line. If the sprinklers ran until 8:05 a.m., part of that water use would show up in the 9 a.m. data line.

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