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Contruction Inspections

WCID No. 17 shall inspect the installation of all water mains, gravity wastewater trunk lines, lift stations and/or force mains, which are connected to the WCID No. 17 systems. WCID No. 17 inspectors shall make periodic checks during all phases of construction to see that the contractor, developer, or applicant is complying with the construction standards and following the engineering plans approved by the WCID No. 17 engineer.

The WCID No. 17 inspector shall inspect and approve all workmanship and materials utilized or involved in the construction of any and all water/wastewater and drainage facility improvements. Workmanship and materials shall comply with all applicable WCID No. 17 requirements. The WCID No. 17 inspector shall inspect and approve all materials used in the work; the completed trench for each section of work; all pipe and tubing after underbedding installation, over bedding, and laying of detectable tape; each and every fitting, fixture, and appurtenance after installation and blocking, before bedding or backfill is placed; all required tests, and a final inspection.

All/Any revisions to approved plans must be approved by the inspector.

Developers must agree to allow entry by the WCID No. 17 representative on the land or premises for the purpose of inspection of conditions on the premises during the approval stage and during development and construction.

Developers shall provide WCID No. 17 with the name and phone numbers of project managers and crew supervisors, keeping them current.

Developers shall notify the inspector and give notice at least 48 hours prior to:

Conducting a pre-construction conference;
Placing erosion controls; or
Making any connection to the WCID No. 17 systems.
Detailed requirements may be found in the Construction Standards section.

Construction Inspection Fees (payable prior to commencement of construction)

Small Projects requiring less than eight (8) inspections – 70.00 per inspection, minimal payment of $610.00

Large Projects – 2% of cost of water and wastewater section of project up to $500,000 then 1.5% to $1,000,000 then 1% above $1,000,000 (construction bid sheet required for verification)

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