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TxDOT $5 Fee Extended:

Instituted in January of 2018, this is a $5 per month per customer fee assessed to raise the funds necessary to pay for relocating water and wastewater lines that are affected by the widening of RM 620. This is a TxDOT project affecting lines from HWY 71 to Hudson Bend Drive.

Post-COVID-19, construction costs have seen significant increases across all areas of labor, fuel, and material. Combined with significant inflation over the preceding 36 months, our most recent Engineer’s updated project estimates have risen to $15 MM – $22 MM. By extending the $5 per month per customer fee through the projected start date of Spring 2028, the District will be able to set aside the necessary funds without needing to resort to the use of significantly more expensive bonds.

Moving forward, the Board of Directors has decided to reassess this fee on an annual basis as part of the Budget Approval Process.

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