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Monday, October 15, 2018

Yardline Inspections

Yardline — the line from the house to the meter.

These requirements are not all inclusive. Please refer to the 2015 Uniform Plumbing Code and local amendments for additional information.

Plans must be submitted to the District for review in order to determine the size of yardline and meter required.

The line must be at least 12 inches deep from existing grade.

Bedding material must be approved type, i.e. sand, loam, or topsoil, which does not have rock over 1 inch in diameter and no debris in the trench.

On your side of the meter, you must have a cutoff valve and pressure reducing valve. It is your responsibility to ensure this valve is properly adjusted.

The line must be under pressure from water or air at the time of inspection. You do not have to have a meter installed to get the yardline inspected. If a meter has been set, you or your plumber may turn on the water to test or inspect your installation. However, if the valve or meter is damaged, you will be charged for repairs.

Inspection required: 1 Yardline.
Permit Fee: $100.00 (includes 1 inspection)
Completed inspection forms must be returned to the District for filing.
Note: Before digging, call DIG-TESS to locate existing lines at 1.800.344.8377.