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Scheduled Collection Event for Household Hazardous Waste

The Lake Travis Regional Reuse & Recycling Center, 3207 Neidhardt Drive, off General Williamson Drive, will be open Wednesday, March 21, from 9:00 a.m. to Noon.  Household hazardous waste items are common everyday products that people use in and around their homes, that, due to their chemical nature, can be hazardous to the environment and  Read full post »

RR620 Waterline Relocation Fee

  Starting in January 2018 you will see a line item in your monthly bill labeled TXDOT 620 Fee. This fee will be for $5/month and will be charged to each active account in Water District No.17. This fee was enacted by our Board of Directors to offset the construction costs that will be necessary  Read full post »

Lead and Copper – District 17 2016 Test Results Show Very Low Lead Levels

All public water systems have been required to test for lead since 1992. In 1986, Congress banned the use of any solder containing more than 0.2% lead and severely restricted the use of lead in faucets, pipes, or other plumbing materials, so homes or businesses constructed after 1990 likely do not contain any lead fixtures  Read full post »

Fire Hydrant and Fire Flow Information

Did you Know? Water District 17 currently maintains over 2,000 fire hydrants.  These hydrants are typically located every 500 feet in populated areas.  Fire hydrants are directly connected to the water supply system through the mains in the street and can be turned on and off using a street valve.   Pictured is a typical  Read full post »

Homeowners question recent high water bills

Some homeowners were caught off guard by high water bills over the summer.  Over the past few weeks, the District billing clerks have been receiving an increased number of customers calling with concerns regarding high water bills and questioning meter reads.  Almost every water provider in the area is experiencing the same phenomenon. After investigating meters and working  Read full post »

Lake Travis Economic Impact Report Released

Press Release Summary of Economic Impact Report Overview of Economic Impact Report Lake-Travis-Economic-Impact-Report